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Latest intranet technologies

Office 365 first

Office 365. Integrated. Activated.

365Connect is an Office 365-first solution with latest intranet technologies and concepts. The solution not only integrates Office 365 services, etc., but is designed to enable and target the Office 365 apps and services that create value for the employee, teams, and the entire organization. In this way, you will gain the greatest benefit from your Office 365 investment. Take full advantage of:

365Connect is based on the latest intranet technology from Microsoft. The solution is based on Modern SharePoint, which includes user-friendly and intuitive communication sites, team websites and hub sites. 365Connect is a dynamic solution developed in accordance with Microsoft’s own roadmap, with which the solution also connects to the future security that lies in Modern SharePoint.

365Connect is built with Microsoft’s latest intranet technologies on the Office 365 platform. By building on the SharePoint Framework (SPFx), Microsoft Graph, and Azure, only:

  • Guaranteed and approved integration points in SharePoint Online and Office 365.
  • Standardised access to data across Office 365.
  • A secure backend for hosting solution components.

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