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About 365Connect

Your Modern Workplace Activated

365Connect is more than just an intranet. 365Connect is an intelligent and innovative intranet solution that helps companies connect and streamline employees, departments and organizations. Based on a combination of 365Connect modules and setting up the built-in features in Office 365, the framework for value-creating communication, collaboration, knowledge sharing and engagement is created. 365Connect integrates and connects the entire Office 365 package into the organization via state-of-the-art technology, an intuitive user interface, and intelligent IA and UX.

The solution is designed to strengthen the productivity of the individual, in teams and across the entire organization, thus lifting overall efficiency and employee satisfaction. The core concept is a targeted association of user needs and Office 365 applications.

365Connect can be delivered in different packages, depending on where you are on your intranet journey. We can help with anything from a basic intranet to modern workplace solutions that meet more complex business needs.

Why choose 365Connect?

  • +14 years of experience in developing innovative intranet solutions

  • Technically future-proof solution

  • User-friendly solution that is simple to work with for editors

  • Latest technologies that follow Microsoft’s development roadmap and therefore always updated

  • Simple and efficient process

  • Customise the design to match your visual identity

  • Integration with Office 365 services

  • The digital workplace at personal, team and organisational level


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